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Head Coach 16U
Jim Nelson

 Coach Nelson has coached softball for 14 seasons (8U to 18U) including House, Legends (travel all stars) and Rogue Tournament/Travel. He also has coached baseball at multiple levels for 13 seasons, football for 3 seasons and volunteered on the HRYS board as Equipment Manager for 4 years.  Coach Nelson is certified as a Softball Coach by NFHS & Babe Ruth and as a baseball coach by Call Ripken Baseball and Virginia Baseball Club.  He played soccer, baseball, football, rugby and whatever else you put in front of him; sometimes good, but always learning. He served as a Rugby Football Referee and Softball Umpire back in the 90s and an adult flag football referee in the 2000’s, but he loves to coach! If you talk to Coach Nelson for longer than 3 minutes, you will all the sudden find yourself talking about softball. It could be the smallest nuance of throwing mechanics all the way to rise/fall of teams playing in the College World Series. He believes in little victories leading to desired overall outcomes, and will do everything he can to enhance each player’s understanding of the game and help the player apply that understanding to improve performance - practice to practice and game to game. Coach Nelson is lucky enough to have a daughter, a son and a very patient wife.


Head Coach 14U
Mike Hedrick

Coach Mike has more than 6 years of softball coaching experience including House, All-Star, & Travel league. He has 3 years of HRYB coaching experience at the House level. He has certifications in both Concussion Response and Mental Mindset Coaching. Coach Mike is proud to provide competitive players opportunities to build their self-confidence, leadership skills, sportsmanship, and fitness in a competitive team environment. He also has served as a member of the HRYS board for 5 years. He has participated in many years of athletics and enjoys hiking, biking, and spending time with his family. 


Head Coach 14U
Emma Hodge

Coach Emma is an HRYS player turned coach. She began playing at 8 years old and moved up into the HRYS Glory travel program. She played JV and Varsity softball at South Lakes High School while also playing travel ball for the Virginia Outlaws. She was recruited to Chesapeake College and played for 2 years as a starting center fielder and batting 4th in the lineup. She has been coaching for HRYS for 2 years and is now ready to go ROGUE! Softball is her biggest passion in life and sharing that passion is something she is very excited to do at VA ROGUE. She loves providing an environment where dedicated players can build their skills and softball careers!



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